• From The BBC:

    Tesco shareholders are facing a call to end “exploitation and discrimination” affecting workers in firms that supply meat to the supermarket group.The trade union Unite has tabled a motion to be debated at Tesco’s annual general meeting, being held in Glasgow. The union says contract workers in the supply chain experience “harsh and divisive” conditions. But Tesco’s board opposes the motion, saying the firm’s own guidelines already ensure sufficient protection. In a statement, Tesco’s board said the company’s guidelines went “far beyond the legal requirements and ensure all workers are treated fairly and without discrimination”. The board also says that an independent inquiry into employment practices in the meat and supply chain is already underway, conducted by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, which is the most appropriate way of addressing issues of concern. Union surveyUnite says it is the first time a UK union has had a resolution adopted at a shareholder meeting of a maj…

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