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    About 16% of households have been burgled while owners were away on holiday, with June and August the busiest time of year for crooks, says insurer Direct Line.
    Jewellery, watches, cash and small electrical items such as digital music players and mobile phones tend to be burglars’ favourites.
    Insurers warn householders to think about the security of their possessions before they go away and to update home contents policies, declaring valuable items. This could add to the premium, but the increase will probably be small and save heartache and financial pain should the worst happen.
    Most insurers ask for individual items to be specified if they are worth more than £1,500, with a maximum usually between £20,000 and £25,000, depending on the insurer.
    ‘Adding individual valuable items doesn’t have to be costly,’ says Rebecca Holmes at Aviva. ‘For example, adding a £2,000 engagement ring to a typical home contents policy would cost about an extra £10 a…

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