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    Sir Richard Branson has called on the US government to refuse British Airways permission to agree ticket schedules and prices with American Airlines.It is one year since British Airways applied to regulators for anti-trust immunity, which would in effect allow it to dominate Heathrow Airport. BA says Sir Richard wants the “global aviation regulatory system to be applied solely in his interests”. The BA decision is seen as a key test for future US competition policy. Industry ‘minnow’It is already difficult to compete with BA at Heathrow, Steve Ridgway, chief executive of Virgin Atlantic, told the BBC. “We don’t have plenty of slots, we have been at Heathrow now for almost 20 years and we still have less than 3% of slots at Heathrow, so we are still a minnow in that sense, ” said Mr Ridgway.
    “You go there and you maybe see quite a few Virgin planes, but we are not able to compete effectively. “We try very hard and I think we have done a very good job but if this is allowed to happen, i…

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