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    Fewer requests for information about the current state of workers’ pensions shows rising confidence in retirement savings, according to consultants Aon.Requests from pension scheme members about the current value of their pension pot fell by 17% between the first and second quarter of the year. But another pensions expert claimed the conclusion was a “huge leap”. The value of assets in defined-contribution pension funds rebounded in July owing to rising share prices. RequestsAon said that the number of people asking about their projected pension based on their current savings plan fell by 9% in the second quarter of the year compared with the first three months of 2009. However, the numbers were still 36% higher than the same period the previous year. Mark Duke, head of pensions at Towers Perrin, said that although Aon made a good point, it was a “huge leap” to suggest the figures showed confidence in pensions was rising. He said relatively few people checked the value of their pension…

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