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    Nikki Rooke, SMMT: The motor industry is optimistic despite its “current fragile state”
    The number of new cars made in the UK fell 17.9% in July from the same month a year earlier, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) said.But the drop, to 107,635 cars, was the smallest of the year so far. The SMMT said that reflected the impact of scrappage schemes throughout Europe. On a visit to a dealership on Friday, Chancellor Alistair Darling stressed that production had risen from June. In June, 91,718 cars were produced, which was down 30.2% from 2008. “It’s not surprising that in the teeth of a pretty severe downturn, it [car production] has gone down year on year,” he said. “What we are now seeing though is an increase in production over the previous month and that is due to a significant extent to the introduction of the scrappage scheme.” The chancellor was visiting a Manchester branch of the Scottish-based ca…

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