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    ‘After this point, compensation is normally paid. For example, Insurewithease will pay out £20 per hour delayed for the first 12 hours, and £10 for each additional 12 hour period after this, up to a maximum of £200 in total. I would advise all holidaymakers to clarify this with their providers before making a trip.

    ‘I advise any worried holidaymakers to contact their tour operator, airline and travel insurance provider to clarify exactly where they stand and identify who is liable to pay out in the event a claim needs to be made, whether it be as a result of swine flu or the potential strike.

    ‘It is unsurprising holidaymakers are concerned about whether their travel insurance will cover them if they contract the swine flu virus since it could result in refused entry to board their plane, or being unable to travel at all.

    ‘Although restrictions for travelling to Mexico have been lifted, it is still worth checking where you stand with your insurer if you are…

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