• From The BBC:

    A professional footballer is launching a website aimed at helping fellow players avoid being ripped off or getting bad service.Middlesbrough defender Andrew Taylor came up with the idea after being dissatisfied with a company that installed an audio system in his home. Platinum Players will feature companies that offer “luxury lifestyle products” – from cars and gadgets to hotels and restaurants – which have been vetted and deemed “trustworthy” for the stars. There are also jewellers, financial advisers and lawyers – most of whom have been used by the left-back, or recommended to him by other players. The UK’s 4,000 professional footballers will be sent log-in details for the invitation-only site. Lawyers listedMr Taylor, 23, has funded the project from his own wages, and will earn income from listing fees and advertising charges paid by the companies it features.
    Car dealerships, a hotel in Mayfair, property companies and an interior design firm are among those who have already sign…

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