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    Our love of them dates back to the early 19th century, when soaring hothouses were a signature of the grandest homes. And today, their popularity shows no sign of abating.
    When Paul and Denise Sewter, both property developers, wanted to create more space in their two-and-a-half bedroom, Seventies detached house in Woodstock, Oxon, they knew where to go.
    Apropos, a firm with a history in engineering and aluminium, took their idea to put a conservatory at the rear of a plain-looking house and turned it into a vision which would fit comfortably within the pages of House & Garden magazine. A flat roof was replaced by two-winged extensions joined by a sheer glass 40 sq m structure to give the house an extra room.
    The Sewters have struggled to name their contemporary glass room. It certainly fulfils the notion of a conservatory as ‘a single-storey part of a building that has not less than three-quarters of its roof made of translucent material and not less than half of its wall ar…

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