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    Aged 60 and with no savings or income bar Pension Credit, John spends most of his days in the public library composing faxes to his lawyer.
    He sleeps in a hostel. He has now been told he must appoint a nominee to retrieve his possessions from the house in Epperstone, Nottinghamshire, which is sealed with steel grilles and being prepared for sale.
    John’s tragic story is complex. Much of the financial detail is unclear and disputed. But at the heart of the problem is a £64,000 equity release loan that John’s mother Bertha signed up to in January 1990 when she was 71. She died in 2005, aged 86.
    West Brom has refused to answer many questions, claiming data laws prevent it discussing Bertha Perry’s loan. And the fact that John is estranged from his brother, the administrator of his mother’s estate, is a further issue.
    But when John’s MP, Paddy Tipping, became involved, some light was shed on matters.
    In a letter to the Labour member for Sherwood dated June 29, four days bef…

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