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    A High Street bank says it is stocking more £5 notes in cash machines in a pilot scheme to boost their numbers.HSBC said that 100 of its cash machines in the Midlands and south west of England were being stocked with more fivers in a Bank of England trial. While all UK cash machines must have the capacity to hold all denominations of notes, demand and efficiency means most only give out £10 and £20 notes. Latest figures show that £1.3bn worth of fivers are in circulation in the UK. This number has been growing steadily in recent years, according to Bank of England figures. However, owing to the regularity of use, a £5 note only lasts in circulation for a year before being too damaged to use. The lifespan of a £50 note is usually five years or more. Popular questionSpeaking to the BBC in February, the Bank of England’s chief cashier Andrew Bailey said the questions he was asked more than any others were why there were not enough £5 notes in circ…

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