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    Students starting university courses this autumn can expect to graduate owing £23,000, a survey suggests.The Push Student Debt Survey of 2,024 students at varying stages of degree courses found debts averaged more than £5,000 a year and that this was rising. Separate research by the National Union of Students suggests some degrees have higher “hidden costs” than others, such as for equipment or books. The government said it was spending £5bn this year on student support. The survey suggests the amount of debt students incur varies widely between regions and institutions. Students in England have the highest levels of debt – an average of £5,271 for each year of study. In London some students say they will have over £30,000 of debt by the time they finish their course. Debt levels in England have risen by 10% in the last year. They have also risen by 30% in a year in Northern Ireland, from very low levels five years ago, to an average of £4,324 a year…

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