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    Poor advice from rail staff means some travellers pay more than double the cheapest fare, reports Which? magazine.Enquiries to ticket office staff and the National Rail Enquiries Service (NRES) found prices quoted higher than the lowest fare in 27 out of 50 cases. Two in three station clerks and two in five NRES staff did not offer the cheapest fares and some offered tickets over twice the cost of the cheapest. Train company representatives said the report was “seriously misleading”. InefficiencyThe consumer advocacy magazine found that two thirds of staff said if a passenger wanted to make the same journey twice in a single week it would be cheaper to buy two returns, when in fact a rover or season ticket would have been the least expensive option. Rail staff also tended not to mention that if the journey was close to the end of a peak period, delaying the time of departure – sometimes by just minutes – could result in savings. And when the magazine checked the efficiency of lost-prop…

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