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    Almost half of UK rail fares, including most commuter journeys, are set to fall by 0.4% next year after a key inflation measure remained near a record low.Regulated rail fares, which also include long-distance off-peak journeys, are based on July’s Retail Prices Index (RPI) figure, plus 1%. It was -1.4% in July, after hitting a record low of -1.6% in June. “For the first time in a generation passengers will see their fares fall,” Transport Secretary Lord Adonis said. Last year, the July figure for RPI was 5%, meaning that rail prices this year rose by 6%. Regulated fares make up 60% of rail journeys and up to 45% of rail fare income. ‘Welcomed’In 2010, the rules on regulated fares change, with most rail companies having the limit of RPI plus 1% imposed on them. Previously, train operators have been allowed to increase individual regulated fares by as much as 6% over the RPI rate.
    “This means most regulated fares will fall in line with the national fare change, which will be welcomed by…

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