• From The BBC:

    The government has published new measures that could see people who illegally download films and music cut off from the net.The amendment to the Digital Britain report would see regulator Ofcom given greater powers to tackle pirates. The technical measures are likely to include suspending the net accounts of “hardcore copyright pirates”. It is believed that Business Secretary Lord Mandelson has intervened personally to beef up the policy. The Digital Britain report, published in June, gave Ofcom until 2012 to consider whether technical measures to catch pirates were necessary. However, according to a statement from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills released on Tuesday, that timeframe is now considered “too long to wait”.
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    Rupert Goodwins, technology expert and editor of ZD Net in the BBC studio
    Stephen Timms, minister for Digital Britain, explained the change of heart. “We’ve been listening carefully to re…

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