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    A number of large US food manufacturers have called on the government to ease sugar import limits, saying they fear the country could run out of supplies.The letter from firms such as Kraft Food and Hershey comes in the week sugar prices have hit 28 year highs due to worldwide supply shortages. Currently US food firms can only import a certain amount of sugar before they have to pay import tariffs. US sugar manufacturers insist there is no shortage of domestic stocks. Imminent sugar harvestIn their letter to US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, the food firms, which also include General Mills, warned that “our nation will virtually run out of sugar”.
    However, the US Department of Agriculture said earlier this week that domestic supplies were now increasing. This was backed by sugar industry group American Sugar Alliance (ASA), which said the next main sugar cane harvest would start later this month, while the sugar beet harvest would begin in October. “There is absolutely no shortage…

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