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    The government is pledging a further 85,000 “opportunities” to help get young people into work.Prime Minister Gordon Brown will make the announcement at a Backing Young Britain summit in Birmingham. Under the scheme 45,000 young people will be helped to find jobs in retail, tourism, leisure and hospitality. The figure also includes a pledge by retailer Morrisons to give extra training to every one of its 36,000 employees under the age of 25. Backed by employersA further 5,000 opportunities, including apprenticeships with companies such as Centrica, Carillion and Royal Mail, will also be created. More than 150 employers, including Microsoft and Pfizer, are said to be supporting the Backing Young Britain campaign. The government has announced plans to help young people with training and employment as part of a £5bn investment. The campaign is to help people like Ben Willis, a 19-year-old from Middleton in Greater Manchester, who has had trouble finding work since leaving school. “E…

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