• From The BBC:

    It is light, bright and has been around for 120 years. But from Tuesday the 100 watt bulb bows out from Britain.Under new EU rules the manufacture and import of 100 watt bulbs and all frosted bulbs will be banned in favour of the energy-saving variety. According to the Energy Saving Trust, compact fluorescent lamps (energy-saving bulbs) use 80% less electricity than standard bulbs. They could also save the average household £590 in energy over their lifetime of between eight and 10 years, and if all traditional bulbs were replaced, the carbon saving would be the equivalent of taking 70,000 cars off the road. Good reasons. But while cutting carbon and cheaper bills might entice many, others are less happy. Commonplace complaints about the new bulbs include they take too long to warm up, they are ugly, they give off poor light and they contain mercury – making them potentially hazardous and hard to get rid of.
    And according to campaigners, energy-saving bulbs can trigger migraines…

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