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    A case that could affect the pensions of 520,000 Britons who have retired abroad is being heard in the European Court of Human Rights.A group of 13 pensioners who have moved abroad want their UK state pensions to rise in line with inflation each year. Inflation-proofing only applies to UK pensioners who live in the European Economic Area or in 15 other countries, but not some Commonwealth states. The expat pensioners say they have been unfairly discriminated against. “It is the last chance we’ve got,” said Charles Poole, President of the South African Alliance of British Pensioners (SAABP). Long running sagaThis is the latest stage in a long-running legal challenge and the eventual decision will be the end of the line in the legal process. The two-hour hearing is taking place in the Strasbourg court on Wednesday, but judgement in the case will not be made until March or April 2010. Andrew Harrop, head of Public Policy for Age Concern and Help the Aged, said: “It’s hugely unfair that pe…

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