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    Mrs Byrd had always thought that her daughter did not have to pay council tax.They had been to see officials together at Exeter City Council in the 1990s to explain that Miss Byrd was terminally ill with HIV and had mental health problems. Miss Byrd could not cope with bills and never opened any post so her family had arranged for everything to be metered to avoid her running up any debts. It came as a surprise then to Mrs Byrd to hear that her daughter had been declared insolvent in April 2007. “It was my niece who said she’d seen it in the paper that she’d been made bankrupt.” Mrs Byrd, which isn’t her real name, established that the only creditors were the local council so she contacted them to explain that she thought her daughter was exempt from paying the rates. She was told the original council tax debt of around £2,000 had gone up to more than £12,000 because of the bankruptcy costs. “I did offer £8,000 but that was turned down,” she told 5 live. “I said ‘I r…

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