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    Men working in the UK’s financial sector receive five times more in bonus payments than women, according to a survey of 44 leading companies.On average, women earn £2,875 compared with £14,554 for men, the Equality and Human Rights Commission found. Chairman Trevor Phillips said the sector must take action “to address this shocking disparity of rewards”. Equality Minister Harriet Harman said the government was introducing “tough new measures” to tackle the pay gap. BBC business reporter Brian Milligan said the survey, commissioned by Ms Harman, was believed to provide the most accurate picture yet of pay differences within banks and insurance companies. Divide ‘entrenched’One of the main reasons for the vast difference in bonuses is that relatively few women reach the top ranks of financial firms where the biggest rewards are paid.
    It comes on top of an average difference of 39% between men and women’s basic salaries. The EHRC said the gender divide was “entrenched” by recr…

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