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    Employers will have to advertise jobs to UK workers for at least a month before they can be offered overseas, the government has announced.Home Secretary Alan Johnson said that from next year the legal minimum period to post vacancies on Jobcentre Plus would be doubled from two weeks. He added that this meant non-EU workers could not be used as a “cheaper alternative” to those from the UK. But the Tories said Labour was “overselling” the changes. The number of overseas-born workers in the UK reached 3.8 million last year. In a speech, Mr Johnson said the government had accepted all the recommendations made recently by its Migration Advisory Committee. Longer qualificationHe announced the minimum salary to allow someone from overseas to qualify as a skilled worker in the UK would rise from £17,000 to £20,000. The minimum qualification period for non-EU workers transferring to a company’s UK base would increase from six months to a year, Mr Johnson added. The Home Office esti…

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