• From The BBC:

    Middle earning pensioners cut back on energy use the most as prices increased in recent years, research suggests.This group reduced their energy use by 12% when prices leapt between 2004 and 2007, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS). The wide-ranging report found that overall household spending reached a peak when people were in their late 50s before falling rapidly. The report said the young were more likely to be paying for new technology. Energy billsThe research found that older households saw domestic bills increase by 55% for gas and 36% for electricity over the two-year period.
    This meant that on average households spent between around 21% or 22% more on energy, while cutting their fuel consumption by 10%. Middle earners cut consumption (by 12%) at a higher rate than the poorest (down 7%) and the richest (down 8%). Charity Age Concern and Help the Aged, which funded the research, claimed that this added weight to their existing view that some older people were t…

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