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    Figures from the Motor Insurer’s Bureau (MIB) revealed that an estimated 243,000 young people aged 17-20 are breaking the law by continuing to drive without insurance cover.
    Ashton West, chief executive of the MIB, said: ‘Young people make up a significant number of uninsured drivers and with one in five newly qualified drivers having an accident in the first year of driving.’
    Rising insurance costs and a lack of knowledge on the part of young motorists have been blamed for the increase.
    With newly qualified young people excited by the freedoms offered by the open road, high premiums and annual rates are thought to be discouraging them from taking out insurance policies.
    On average, a male driver aged 17 will pay nine times more than someone aged 25, and 14 times more than someone aged 35 to insure the same car in the same location, according to AA Insurance. A 17-year-old woman will pay six times more than a 25-year-old.
    This comes despite the driving test becoming more diffic…

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