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    More than one in six UK homes which house at least one person of working age does not have anyone in employment, official statistics show.This is the highest rate since 1999, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said. The number of workless households hit 3.3 million in April to June, a 240,000 rise compared with a year earlier. The issue was most acute in the north-east of England, and the lowest rate was in the eastern region of England. A workless household is defined by the ONS as a home which includes at least one person of working age, where nobody aged 16 or over is in employment. As a result, the workless household figure is higher than the number of people who are counted unemployed – 2.35 million – as it includes people such as early retirees, full-time students or those receiving disability benefit who are not included in the official unemployment statistics. Employment Minister Jim Knight said the government was investing an extra £5bn to help get people back into…

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