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    Residents of England are more likely to have their homes repossessed if they live in the North West or the West Midlands, the government suggests.A new advertising campaign urging people to seek advice when struggling with mortgage payments will be concentrated in these areas. Some 300,000 people have received advice on the subject since April 2008. But only 15 families have completed a process allowing them to stay as tenants in the homes they once owned. Greater numbers have been through schemes set up in Wales and Scotland, but Northern Ireland is awaiting funding for its own version. The 22 areas of England which the government considers as repossession hotspots include: Barking and Dagenham, Corby, Knowsley, Salford, Newham, Walsall, Redditch, Halton, Sandwell, Wolverhampton, Bolton, Reading, Swindon, Northampton, and Cannock Chase. It also highlighted major conurbations such as: Nottingham, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Sunderland, Wigan, and Kingston-upon-Hull. AdsThe gover…

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