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      The UK’s largest survey of student finance, published this week by Push, the UK’s leading independent resource for prospective students, reveals that students who started at university last year are expected to owe nearly £21,200 by the time they leave with this Autumn’s new intake of students owing an additional £2,000 by the time they graduate. The annual survey of over 2,000 students at 137 university campuses has found that student debt has topped £5,000 for each year of study for the first time. The increase of 10.6% is thought to be in part be down to availability of part-time and temporary jobs during the recession. 80% of students were said to rely on part time or holiday jobs to supplement their income by an average of £2,00 a year, but as the recession continues to bite such jobs are becoming increasingly harder to find. 
    The different funding arrangements around the UK are also reflected in the data. In Scotland, which has the most generous funding system, de…

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