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    A new environmental campaign, backed by a variety of businesses and celebrities, is launching on Tuesday.Organisers of the campaign, 10:10, aim to get people in the UK to reduce their carbon footprint by 10% in 2010. The campaign was created by Franny Armstrong, director of recent film, the Age of Stupid. Partners include the Guardian newspaper and Comic Relief. “It’s now or never for the climate,” they said. “Politicians have so far failed to do what needs to be done.” The campaign comes in the build-up to a meeting of world leaders in Copenhagen in December to work out a successor to the current Kyoto treaty on carbon emissions. ‘Achievable’The aim is for individuals to pledge to cut their CO2 emissions by 10% next year, but the target is more flexible for businesses – they aim to get “as close to the 10% target as possible”. The website has tips on how to cut your carbon footprint, and the campaign is selling a metal band made from scrap metal salvaged from airplanes, much like the…

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