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    The UK jobs market is starting to show signs of recovery, according to a survey of recruitment agencies.The research, produced by Markit Economics, finds “marginal increases” in both permanent and temporary appointments in August. “This is first time we have seen really positive news for the UK jobs market in 17 months,” the report said. However, it added that it was too early to say whether the encouraging figures signalled an end to the recession. A number of economic surveys this week have been more positive about the state of the UK economy, but the BBC’s chief economic correspondent Hugh Pym describes it as “bumping along at the bottom” at best. Business Secretary Lord Mandelson said he believed the economy was coming out of recession but warned there may still be problems ahead. “I think the signs are that it is [coming out of recession], but there is always a risk of a second recessionary dip,” he told the BBC.
    Bumping along the bottom is the best way to describe the path of t…

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