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    Aggressive price-cutting tactics by supermarkets could result in the loss of tens of thousands of jobs in the food industry, a union has warned.Unite has accused retail giants of driving down suppliers’ profits. Deputy general secretary Jack Dromey said: “The supermarkets have immense power but they do not exercise that power responsibly.” But the British Retail Consortium said the stores were just trying to get the best value for their customers. Andrew Opie, the BRC’s director of food and consumer policy, said: “It’s not in retailers’ interest to put UK businesses out of business, we want a sustainable long-term relationship with suppliers.”
    Manufacturers and suppliers have long complained about heavy-handed tactics by supermarkets as they strive for lower prices. One supplier who did not want to be identified told the BBC they were regularly put under pressure by large supermarkets. “You just get an e-mail or a letter demanding an immediate cut in costs,” the supplier said. “They h…

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