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    He does it not because it means another product sale – and more commission for him – but because he truly values the cover’s worth.
    Michael, 48, suffered a heart attack in February, one of the 275,000 people every year who have one. He has made a full recovery, but says he does not know how he would have coped financially without payments from the two insurance policies that he took out to provide financial protection against serious illness.
    ‘The heart attack came out of the blue,’ says Michael, who is divorced and lives in Bradford, West Yorkshire. ‘I had just eaten a bacon sandwich and thought the pain was indigestion, but within an hour and a half I was lying on an operating table at Leeds General Infirmary.’
    Michael has yet to return to work full time and thanks to the financial buffer provided by his insurance he has not had to rush matters.
    ‘I’m a one-man business so I dread to think what I would have done if I had not had the cover,’ he says. ‘I’ve been able to pay dow…

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