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    Mohammed Patel, 24, charged car owners £500 a time to stage accidents in their vehicles – thereby opening the way for the owners to put in massively inflated insurance claims.
    Scores of innocent motorists who found themselves driving behind Patel were put at risk when he put his fraud into practice by suddenly slamming on his brakes at roundabouts.
    He usually picked on elderly female motorists who were driving alone, as he believed they wouldn’t cause a fuss.
    His favourite trick was to disengage his brake lights so the target motorist would have no warning of the impending collision and would therefore admit liability. He staged the accidents at slow speeds to protect himself from whiplash.
    His car owner customers – who were not present during the crashes – would then often claim there were four people in the car and invent extra damage, claiming on average around £17,000 for each accident.
    Claims would include compensation for injuries, such as whiplash, damage…

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