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    Anxiety about shortcomings in the National Health Service also play a part. A survey by Sure Insurance conducted at a mother and baby show in central London last month revealed that a third of parents were concerned about the ability of the NHS to care for their child.
    Consumer experts say medical insurance for children can be expensive and as healthcare is an emotional issue, parents can feel pressured to buy the cover.
    They point out that often the best specialist paediatricians and departments for childhood cancers and other serious illnesses are in NHS hospitals, so private care may not always be the best course.
    But Jason Pettit, head of sales operations at private healthcare insurer Bupa, says: ‘Although the NHS can provide excellent care, parents tell us they want to be able to choose a private hospital if they wish. Private cover also provides more choice and control over treatment – you see specialists and have tests done quickly.’
    Parents who want cover for their ch…

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