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    In some cases, they could pay 87% more by going to these specialist insurers.
    The elderly often believe that such companies will prove to be cheaper.
    There is a massive choice when it comes to selecting an insurer, but pensioners frequently favour those brands whose marketing is aimed at them, such as Rias and Saga.
    Help The Aged and Age Concern (now combined into a single charity called Age UK) has a financial services arm called Intune which also offers a range of insurance and financial products for those aged 60 and older.
    But in many cases pensioners would do better to contact a local insurance broker or use a comparison internet site to search for the best cover.
    Graeme Trudgill, of the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA), says: ‘These companies are not the only ones that will provide cover to the over-65 market and many of them are more expensive than general insurers.
    ‘It is not just about price. Peace of mind is important, too, and a broker can check tha…

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