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    Regina Finn of Ofwat: ”Customers are reaping the benefits of what they have paid in the past”
    Average water bills in England and Wales will be reduced slightly over the next five years, regulator Ofwat has announced.It has ruled that typical bills will fall by £3 to £340 by 2015, before the impact of inflation is considered. Publishing its final decisions on what firms can charge from 2010 to 2015, Ofwat said bills would be 10% lower than the level companies had asked for. The water companies said funding greater investment would be difficult. “It is quite possible that companies will have to adjust or stop their leakage programmes,” said Pamela Taylor, the chief executive of the industry body Water UK. “They will need to make sure they can fulfil their legal obligations. They’ve got challenges ahead such as climate change, with increased drought and flooding, [and] a growing population with more homes.”

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