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    A card payment service commonly used by customers to avoid high transaction charges when booking flights is being phased out by two major providers.Customers who pay by Visa Electron are not charged transaction fees by airlines such as Ryanair, Aer Lingus, BMIbaby, Easyjet and Flybe. Abbey and Travelex have told BBC Radio 4’s Money Box their cards will not feature Visa Electron by next year. But another banking group, HBOS said it would continue to offer the card. High chargesSeveral airlines now charge a flat fee transaction charge per person, per flight, when customers pay by debit or credit card.
    It can add up to a substantial part of the overall cost. Ryanair charges £5 per person, per flight, even if all the passengers are paid for on the one card, in a single transaction. Vic, from Hertfordshire, contacted Radio 4’s Money Box to complain after Ryanair charged him £20 to pay by credit card. He was buying return flights to Italy for himself and his wife: “I paid &pound…

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