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    Fraudsters are continuing their switch from traditional card fraud to raiding online bank accounts, according to new research.Fraud losses on UK credit and debit cards totalled £440m in 2009 – a drop of 28% compared with the previous year – the UK Cards Association said. But the number of “phishing” attacks rose by 16% in the same period. This is when fraudsters trick people into entering their personal details on a website or in an e-mail. Fraud kitsThe fall in card fraud is the first recorded for three years, with criminals now using a series of methods aimed at targeting online banking, which has risen in popularity.
    The UK Cards Association said that criminals were hoping to avoid banks’ own security controls by tricking people out of their personal details through scams, or by infecting home computers with software that gathers these details. As a result, the total amount of online banking losses reached £59.7m in 2009, a 14% rise compared with the previous year. Mela…

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