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    Some law firms are paying fees of nearly £300 to win jobs from their rivals. But many find the practice ethically indefensible, because it often results in partial, commercially-motivated advice paid for by unwitting homebuyers and sellers.
    Mail on Sunday Property Editor, Sebastian O’Kelly, takes a closer look at an ongoing issue…
    Since I wrote last month about estate agents demanding referral fees from solicitors – bribes in ordinary language – to pass on their services to home buyers or sellers, I have been deluged with letters from aggrieved readers.
    Many have been the victims of rotten service, loaded charges or downright sharp practice.
    Much of the correspondence comes from solicitors themselves, who in some parts of the country are in a position of such dependency on estate agents that their advice to homebuyers is utterly compromised.
    Plenty of other complaints came in about estate agency mortgage brokers, home information pack providers and structural surveyors….

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