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    Supermarkets, meanwhile, cash in on our desire for a fresh start in the New Year by packing shelves with special deals on fruit and vegetables. And in January, sales of nicotine patches and inhalers boom as hundreds of thousands of smokers struggle to stub out their cigarettes for good.
    Of course, many of these New Year good intentions evaporate within a few weeks, but there can be hidden rewards for those who stick to their new healthy regime.
    As well as the obvious benefits, there is a financial bonus as lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise are increasingly used by insurers to calculate the cost of life and health cover.
    Prudential has led the way, setting up PruHealth five years ago. Customers participate in a Vitality programme and by exercising regularly, eating well and looking after their health they can benefit from medical insurance premiums that are up to 25% lower.
    Shaun Matisonn, chief executive of PruHealth, says: ‘After five years, we’re convinced this is…

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