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    Steve Forbes: “Carlos Slim … has put together quite an empire”
    Mexican telecom giant Carlos Slim has topped Forbes magazine’s billionaire’s list – the first time since 1994 that an American has not led the rankings.Mr Slim’s fortune rose by $18.5bn (£12.4bn) last year to $53.5bn. That beat Microsoft founder Bill Gates ($53bn) into second place, with US investor Warren Buffett ($43bn) third. In 2009 332 names left the list after a tough year, but the total number of billionaires on this year’s list rose from 793 to 1,011, Forbes said. ‘Dominating businesses’A spokesman for Carlos Slim refused to confirm the Forbes estimate of the Mexican tycoon’s wealth, saying they did not “waste their time” on such calculations, but he welcomed the result. “We’re pleased that he has been considered the best businessman of the world,” spokesman Arturo Elias told the BBC. “It means there is trust among the investors.” Forbes magazi…

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