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    When you buy a phone directly from a shop or network provider you may find that the salesperson does their best to sell you mobile insurance at the same time.

    But it can cost around the same to replace your handset as it does to pay for and make a claim on your insurance.
    Alternatively, you may also find that it is cheaper to insure your phone as part of your home contents policy or even as part of an added value bank account.

    We’ve investigated all the options and spoken to some This is Money readers about their choices to help you decide which insurance is best for you, and if you need it at all.

    Cost of insurance vs cost replacing your phone
    The first decision you need to make is whether or not you need insurance for your mobile at all.
    A small monthly premium may seem good value compared to the full price of replacing a handset, but once you’ve factored in the excess, and the fact that networks have been known to cut deals to keep customers if they lose a phone, it…

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