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    They may also be required by law to have a microchip implanted on their pet under Government plans to curb the use of dangerous dogs.
    Another measure being considered is the use of Dog Control Notices for misbehaving animals – known as ‘Dogbos’.
    They would allow police officers and council officials to force miscreant owners to muzzle, leash or even neuter their pets. In extreme cases the dogs could be confiscated and given to new owners.
    The measures, part of proposed changes to the Dangerous Dogs Act unveiled today, are aimed at tackling the growing problem of vicious animals being bred for use as weapons, particularly on innercity estates.
    Ministers are also considering making it a criminal offence for a dog owner to allow their animal to be ‘dangerously out of control’. Currently they are breaking the law only if the dog is out of control in a public place.
    The change would extend the law to private residences, and could provide extra protection for postmen. Insurance fo…

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