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    Hebden Bridge, in West Yorkshire, and Glasgow were placed second and third in the list. Once again males in their early twenties were the main offenders.

    A surprise addition was London’s posh W11 postcode, where offenders were also older than the norm.

    The cost of uninsured drivers

    ‘The cost of running and insuring a car can be expensive-especially for younger drivers- however it is quicker and easier than ever to find a good deal for your car insurance by shopping around.’

    The AA says that fortunately the advent of automatic number plate recognition equipments (ANPR) on police cars is meaning that numberplates are being constantly cross checked against data taken from the MID (Motor Insurance Database).

    Some, like Germany, have about 1 in 500. However, in the UK we are making inroads into the problem and at the forefront are the police who have power to stop and confiscate cars they suspect of being driven without cover.

    The MIB exists to compe…

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