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    A large number of homeowners need something more individual than a standard policy. Graeme Trudgill, technical executive at the British Insurance Brokers’ Association, says: ‘Up to a quarter of householders have insurance requirements beyond the average. When you analyse big events, such as floods, you find that about one in four claimants do not have enough insurance for the possessions in their home, or they have gaps in their cover.’
    Being willing to pay a little extra for insurance with more generous policy limits or wider coverage can save thousands of pounds and a lot of heartache when making a claim.
    Financial Mail highlights the circumstances when you need cover that is a cut above the average:
    Distinctive homes and house improvements
    Underwriters like to put properties into standard categories where they can predict how much a repair might cost, but some homes defy categorisation because of how they are designed or constructed.
    Thatched homes, for example, can be at…

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